54e Nijmegen-Rotterdam 160 km

Rotterdamse wandelsportvereniging

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After two years, the longest march in the Netherlands is back on the program. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to make new appointments at all wellknown locations. The lock downs have left their mark. New information can be found on this page. A route map and an overview of rest and care posts will be added as soon as possible.


Participants 2022


Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 September 2022


160 km


Saturday, September 17 at 11 a.m. (as a group) Sporthal De Boog,
Dick Boerrigterplein 4, 6663 RC  Nijmegen
Registration from 9.30am to 10.30am


Sunday 18 September between 3.30 pm and 4.15 pm in the canteen of the sports complex “Langepad”, Langepad 16, 3062 CJ Rotterdam.
A joint award ceremony will take place at the finish.

Registration fee

€ 69,00 with reward plus diploma
€ 50,00 with only diploma
Late registration (from 1 September) and registration at the start costs € 12.50 extra.

Walking pace

When designing the Nijmegen-Rotterdam March, a walking pace of 7.0 km/h has been taken into account. In practice, however, a higher or lower tempo cannot be ruled out. The organization makes every effort to ensure that all participants finish. There will be a joint departure from the cafe rests (approximately every 20 km) so that care for all participants remains possible. In the table below you can see how much rest time you have on average at the café rests at a certain walking pace.

Pace = km/h 9,0 8,0 7,0 6,75 6,5 6,25 6,0
Rest time = min 85 70 45 35 25 20 10

These are global target times, including a minimum loss of time at the aid stations. The times can therefore be shorter if you stay at care posts for a long time. At a pace below 6.0 km/h, you as a walker and we as an organization will run into problems and it may be that a relief station has been closed. If the tempo is too high, you run the risk that a care station has not yet been opened.


The route is broadly as usual, but significant changes will be made at a number of points.

<HIER> vindt je de route (afstandmeten.nl)

<HIER> vindt u een schema en overzicht van de rusten en verzorgingsposten.


Participation is open to persons 20 years and older. A 20-year-old is understood to mean anyone born in 2001.


Those who complete this tour will receive a special souvenir (if registered). All participants who successfully complete the tour will receive a diploma.


There are six cafe rests along the way. In between are several free nursing stations. A meal is served approximately 60 kilometers away.

First aid

An experienced first aid / foot care team is present.


During the night hours a reflective vest is mandatory. Rental or purchase of reflective vests is possible at the start.

Bringing a flashlight is recommended.

Important safety rule: Reflective vest is mandatory from Rhenen (approx. 40 km)


The Rotterdam Walking Sports Association (RWV) is not liable for any injury and/or damage that occurs during walking tours/competitions organized by it.