Dutch Championship Racewalking 50 km / 10 km

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Dutch Championship 50 km racewalking men
Dutch Championship 10 km racewalking women
Belgium Championship 50 km racewalking men
Belgium Championship 20 km racewalking women

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Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging and wsv Hart van Brabant

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sunday, October 3, 2021


50 km racewalking men and 10 km racewalking women

Additional programm

1 km, 3 km, 5 km, 10 km and 20 km racewalking, 6 hour walk
New: 35 km racewalking

Administration and changing rooms

Wielerclub Pijnenburg, Bijsterveldenlaan 3, 5045 ZZ Tilburg (opened on October 3 from 09.00 o’clock);


11.00 o’clock: 50 km, 1 km, 3 km, 10 km, 35 km and 6 hours walk
11.10 o’clock: 5 km
13.00 o’clock: 20 km


Only pre-entry will be accepted.

Entry closes on September 22. 

>Participants 2021<


50 km. 35 km and 6 hour walk: 10 euro
20 km: 4 euro
5 en 10 km: 3 euro
1 en 3 km: 2 euro


Athletes can start their last lap till 5.50.00. Those who are still in the race after 5.50.00 hours, but not able to reach the full distance, will be classified on the distance walked.

Refreshment station

Refreshments will be provided near the finishlocation. Athletes can bring their own refreshments. Personel refreshment is only allowed near the finishlocation. Follow the directions of the organisation.

Length of the track

One lap is 1569 meter on the track of cyclingclub Pijnenburg.

10 km splits

All 10 km splits on the 50 km walk will be recorded. Immediately after the race, a result will be published without split times. The split times will be published on the internet as soon as possible after the race.


Hans van der Knaap, 06 573 923 95, Hansvanderknaap2@gmail.com
Ad Leermakers, 0416 362 858, leermakers.ad@gmail.com