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Third Home competition for racewalkers and speedwalkers.

Sunday, August 23, 2020


Due to corona competitions and sporting events were/are canceled for some time and traveling is limited. As a result, we miss a lot of what makes our sport so much fun. In order to have a challenge, to measure yourself against others and to still exercise together (remotely) with each other, we organize the "Home match time".

The fourth race will take place on August 23, 2020.

If possible, we start together at 10:00.


The 4th race will be part of a series of at least 6 events. Besides the 'real' results and the converted results (M27-5km) we will publish a total results list based on the avareage of the best two (converted) results. This means that you can participate and compete with your own results. 

The idea and the rules are unchanged; A short-distance fast-walking competition where everyone participates in their own safe location, close to home.


In brief:

- You register for 1 or 3 or 5 km in the event on facebookClick on place reservation! If you are unable to register in this way, please send an email to stating distance and date of birth.
- There is a special Facebook group where everything around this competition is shared.
- You prepare for the competition and plan your route or tour in advance.
- You are ready at 10 a.m. and a time signal (from a radio station, for example) is your start signal. If participation is not (responsibly) possible at the time of the competition, or if the moment is unsuitable, you may hold the competition earlier (no later) in the week.
- You take care of the timekeeping and distance registration yourself, for example via app or GPS.
- A family member can film you and share these images on the Facebook page.
- Afterwards you share your results on the Facebook page, at least before 14:00 (Amsterdam time).
- The results are brought together by the RWV in a result. In addition to the results with actual times, a conversion result will be made.
- Afterwards, the RWV will send you a diploma file via messenger. You can print or share this via social media.
- If several of these matches follow, we will keep a total score.

Only one result per person can be submitted. 




-1- Follow all international, national and local rules and advice.
-2- Only participate if you are 100% healthy.
-3- Do not participate if you have any symptoms that could indicate a corona infection.

Do not make agreements to participate as group on the same course.

-5- The distance to be covered is 1, 3 or 5 km.
-6- The distance must be traveled on August 23. There is a joint start at 10:00 (Amsterdam time). You can also walk earlier in the week.
-7- Participation is free.
-8- This is a walking race. You should keep the basic racewalking rules: Maintain contact with the ground and do not walk with bent knees.

Volgende evenement:
23 augustus
4e Thuiswedstrijd
29 augustus
NK 20.000 m snelwandelen

Laatste nieuws
Na uitvoerig onderzoek is het bestuur van de RWV tot de conclusie gekomen dat het niet mogelijk is Nijmegen-Rotterdam, 160 km onder de geldende omstandigheden veilig en verantwoord te laten doorgaan. Dat er aanpassingen zouden moeten zijn in verband met coronamaatregelen, dat was natuurlijk al langer bekend. Maar de gevolgen die deze aanpassingen hebben voor schema, deelnemerslimiet, verzorgingsploegen, financiën en risico's leiden steeds naar dezelfde conclusie. Nijmegen-Rotterdam 2020 gaat niet door.

Om 10:00 uur op zondag 19 juli 2020 startten we met de 3e Thuiswedstrijd Snelwandelen. Bij deze wedstrijden meet iedereen zelf (of een huisgenoot) de tijd voor 1, 3 of 5 km (snel)wandelen. Foto's , filmpje en verhalen worden gedeeld via Facebook. 


<Hier> staat de uitslag met omgerekende tijden
(dus omgerekend naar 5 km van een man van 27 jaar)


<Hier> vindt u de uitslag gesorteerd op werkelijk doorgegeven tijden.


<Hier> vindt u een overzicht van de eerste drie Thuiswedstrijden.

met de tijden die tot nu toe zijn doorgegeven (het duurt naartuurlijk even voor u uw tijd hier kan zien)..