53rd Nijmegen-Rotterdam 160 km



Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22, 2019


Walking distance

160 km, from Nijmegen to Rotterdam (the Netherlands)



The walking route from Nijmegen to Rotterdam crosses the river Waal shortly after the start. We will use the footbridge along the railway bridge. After following the river Waal in western direction for about 10 km we go north. Through the Betuwe we walk to Heteren (20km). Again we cross a major river, this is the river Rijn. On our way te Ede (40km) we will walk through the forests around Renkum and along the Ginkelse Heide (famous for the droppings during operation Marget Garden in WO2). When you walk to Leersum, you'll walk over a historic defense wall, the Grebbelinie. In Leersum (60km) participants get a nice warm meal. It will be dark when we continue trough the forest near Maarn in the direction of Bunnik (80km). When we come close to Utrecht (Rhijnauwen) we turn south. That brings us in Nieuwegein (100km). The walking route continues to IJsselstein, Benschop and the Snelrewaard to Oudewater (120km). After sunrise the walkers continue through the 'wetlands' Reeuwijkse Plassen to the last major stop in Waddinxveen (140km). From Waddinxveen we follow the river Rotte and arrive at the finish in Rotterdam (160km).


Saturday September 21 at exactly 11.00 hrs (as a group) from Nijmegen.
Kolpinghuis, Smetiusstraat 1, 6511 ER  Nijmegen


Registration before 10:30 hrs; Pre-registration

De starting location can easily be reached by walking about 5 minutes from Nijmegen Central Railway station. From the railway station you go left along ‘Metterswane’ and you follow the ‘Burgemeester Hustinxweg’. This is parallel with the ‘Tunnelweg’. Right in front of you, you'll find Kolpinghuis.

The start location can be reached by telephone: +31 (0)24 322 6921.


Check the entry fee!


List of participants 2019



Sunday September 22, between 15:30 hrs and 16:15 hrs in Rotterdam.
Sports complex "Langepad", Langepad 16, 3062 CJ Rotterdam.

At the finish participants and volunteers will have an official closing ceremony where certificates and trophies will be handed out.


How to come to "Langepad" (Dutch)


Minimum age

Participants must be at least 20 years old. This means you can participate in you are born in 1999 or before.


Trophy / Certificate

For those that finish according the schedule there will be a nice certificate and (if booked during enrollment) a beautiful trophy.


Enrollment procedure

Pre-registration will open januari 1st, 2017. 

Participants from non-euro countries can pay at the start without any further costs.
You can also pay by bank transfer, the RWV treasurer will send you the details about this.
Please register before September 1st. After this date an extra fee of  €12.50 is be applicable.
Send an e-mail to Hansje Zoon for additional information.


Enrolment fee         

€ 53.00 with trophy and certificate

€ 40.00 with a certificate

After September 1 / at the start:

€ 65.50 with trophy and certificate

€ 52.50 with a certificate



Members of walking clubs (Dutch or from any other country) will receive a discount of  € 1.00.

RWV – members receive an additional discount of  € 2.00.


Walking pace

The organization of Nijmegen-Rotterdam is based on the assumption that the participants will walk around 7.0 km/hr. (4.35 Mile/hr). In practice walking faster or slower is possible with some limitations. In the table below you can see what it means for the time you can rest in the larger rests (about every 20 km). From each of these rests all participants must depart at the same time. The RWV volunteers will do their utmost to get all participants to the finish in Rotterdam in a heathy and good condition.


Speed = km/h








Time of rest = min









These are approximate times where a minimum of wasted time at the feeding stations is assumed. If you use more time at the feeding stations, you will have less time in the mayor rests.



During the night hours is a reflective jacket is compulsory.

It is recommended to bring a flashlight.



The schedule for the feeding stations is based on our many years of experience. It offers you good service and care during the whole walk. You even get a diner in Leersum (included in the enrolment). In Nijmegen we will start to take care of you by offering you sandwiches before the start of the walk. At convenient intervals (16x) you will get a variation of drinks and food. This is included. Food and drinks in the large indoor rests (6x) are at your own costs.


Medical- and foot-care

The medical care is in the hands of our own well experienced first aid team. Instructions from the medical team must be followed at all times. A participant will be considered disqualified if the medical team decides so.


important safety rule:

Reflection jacket is compulsory from Ede

(ca. 40 km)


The Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging (RWV) is not liable for any injuries and/or damage that occurs during Nijmegen-Rotterdam or during the travel from/to the event.



Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging

Nijmegen-Rotterdam, Hansje Zoon
Straatdijk 46, 3247 BZ  Dirksland 

e-mail Hansje Zoon