In 2018 the RWV will organize for the 15th times of Continental-Centurion match (100 English miles in 24 hours) in Schiedam - The Netherlands. In addition to these Continental-Centurion match there are competitions and performance hikes over various distances.

Participants 2018



Saturday 19 May and Sunday 20 May 2018



50 km - 50 EM (80,5 km) - 100 km - 100 EM (160,9 km) en 24 hours



Kantine handbalvereniging DWS, sportpark Thurlede (Beatrixpark),
Parkweg 410, 3121KK  Schiedam (010-4706076)



In the Beatrixpark is a track about 4 km.



Distance Start Minimum age Limit
100 EM 19 mei om 12.00 uur 20 jaar 24 uur
24 uur 19 mei om 12.00 uur 20 jaar 105 km
100 km 19 mei om 18.00 uur 18 jaar 18 uur
50 EM 19 mei om 20.00 uur 16 jaar 16 uur
50 km 19 mei om 12.00 uur 14 jaar 10 uur



Registration possible till half an hour before the start. Foreigners can pay at the start. They pay no surcharge if they have pre-registerd.


Enrolment fee

Distance With trophee Without trophee Surcharge Discount RWV
100 EM € 40,00 € 28,00 € 8,00 € 2,50
24 uur € 40,00 € 28,00 € 8,00 € 2,50
100 km € 30,00 € 19,00 € 5,00 € 1,50
50 EM € 20,00 € 11,00 € 3,00 € 0,50
50 km € 15,50 € 6,50 € 2,00 € 0,50

Pre-entry closes on april 30.



Every 4 km a care post is equipped including sponges, sports drink, bread, fruit, coffee, tea, broth. About halfway through the round is a sponge post situated. First aid is available.



Anyone using the 100 EM (160,934 km) within 24 hours, will receive one-time accomplishes by RWV the corresponding award in the form of the 'Continental-Centurion'-pin with engraved number.


Jaap Visser Trofee

The fastest woman or man of 65 years or over who are the 100 EM accomplishes within 24 hours wins the Jaap Visser trofee.


24 hours

Anyone who walks at least 105 km classifies itself for 24 hours. If the 'Continental-Centurion' limit has been met, classifies one also.



Anyone who the 50 EM accomplishes within 12 hours, receives from the single the RWV ' Kennedy-vriend'-pin with engraved number.


Cards for Kennedy-walker be stamped. At five stamps of Kennedy-walks (at least three different walks in The Netherlands), the 'Kennedy walker' van be ordered at the KWBN.


Cards for Long-Distance-Walker be stamped. At five stamps of different tours over 100 km in the Netherlands, the 'Long-Distance-Walker'-pin can be ordered at the KWBN.


Participants walking 100 km for the first time in 11 hours and 30 minutes, receive the '100-man'-pin of the Atletiekunie.


At any distance, there is a price for the first three finishers. In addition, no distinction is made between contest participants and performance participants. For participation in contests, guests are required to present a competition license. The performance tours, everyone can participate.

Diploma / Trophee

All participants will receive a special diploma with mention of the delivered performance. For those who have registered for that purpose, there is an appropriate trophee.


During the night hours a reflective jacket is required.

Walking books

Walking booklets be stamped and include a picture.



De Rotterdamse Wandelsport Vereniging (RWV) is not liable for any injury and/or damage before, during, or after the Wandelweekend.



Hans van der Knaap +316 57392395